If you are interested in a commission of your own pet, please contact me by my email or by my instagram account.

Brandy, 2020, commission, 14” by 18” Acrylic paint

The Abandon

In this painting series, I am interested in working with and exploring the idea of the passage of time and its effect on spaces and materials. I also want to express an awareness of a personal relationship that we have with those effects of time. You can read full artist statement here:

Abandoned Five, 2020, 34″ by 38″, Acrylic Paint : Photo inspiration by Kelly Monahan


Abandoned Four, 2020, 34″ by 38″, Acrylic Paint. Photo inspiration by
Jacques van der Epp


Abandoned Three, 2020, 34″ by 38″, Acrylic Paint:  Photo inspiration by Joe Chowaniec


Abandoned Two, 34″ by 38″, Acrylic Paint, photo inspiration by Jacques van der Epp, 2020

Abandoned Seven, 24” By 30”, Acrylic, Photo inspiration by Megan Beland

Abandoned One, 24” by 30”, Acrylic Paint, photo by Megan Beland, 2019


Abandon Six , Acrylic Paint, Photo inspiration by _carly.joy_ on Instagram, 2019


Kootenay Lake, Acrylic, 14” By 16”, 2019


Comfort Zone, Abstract, Acrylic, 36” By 36”, 2019


Family Ties, 7/8, CYMK Screen Print, 2019


Ophelia, 20”x15.75”, Woodcut, 2019