My Thanks

I came up with, wrote and illustrated the children”s book,” With You” while I was attending “Guru Digital Arts Collage” in Edmonton Alberta. Without their  help and support, the making of the book would not have been possible. I would like to take this time to thank a few individuals. When first beginning this book, I had to come up with and write the story. In this process, I realized I had found my story and inspiration in the life of my younger sister, Laura.  As a young child, her most trusted friend was her baby blanket. I knew her high school graduation was coming up so what a great gift a children’s book would be. So then I had the story and a goal for when to finish it. The next step was to sit down and write it. This was and will always be the hardest part for me. There are only twenty-three sentences in this book. As I  wrote those lines down, I was able to ask for assistance from my teachers and fellow students.   Not just with this book but though the whole year.  Any time I needed a sentence reread or word spelt, as well as visual assistants with the illustration I knew I had support. These people I would like to thank.

There was of course my teachers, Lee Nielsen, Josh Holinaty, Heiko Ryllas, Jeremy Pudlowski. As well as the rest of the facility of the school. Fellow students, Jenna E. Woldenga (Electricbunny) and Avery Bazin, who both contributed in some of the  wonderful illustrations that are a part of the book on pages twelve and thirteen. I also received assistance and opinions from Jasmine Abbey, Jenna Puddles Pudlowski, Zack Crawford, Tony Knuttila (Manthony), Deanna Lee Banister, Devon Labossiere and Lorraine Altmiks. There are many  more names to list and I am grateful to then all. You can find more information on all of these wonderful people in the list below. I could not have done it with out all of you.


Lee Nielsen –

Josh Holinaty –

Heiko Ryllas –

Jeremy Pudlowski –

Jenna E. Woldenga –

Avery Bazin –

Jasmine Abbey –

 Jenna Puddles Pudlowski –

Zack Crawford –

Tony Knuttila –

Devon Labossiere –

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